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Southern Kentucky Pellet Mill invites you to browse through our Factory Direct site for Country Boy Grilling/Smoker Pellets, White Lightning Heating Pellets, Horse Bedding and Country Kitty Litter products.  You can shop and buy with confidence knowing our products are all made right here in American. We invite you to create an account with us if you like, or shop as a guest. Either way, your shopping cart will be active until you leave the store.  (Click on any image below for additional product details)

What makes Country Boy Pellets so good?

Established in 2005, Southern Kentucky Pellet Mill has been making one of the best hardwood pellets in America.  This is because of the consistency of our raw materials.  Our main purpose is manufacturing Southern Kentucky Hardwood Flooring, America's finest solid Oak hardwood flooring.  We produce Hickory, Red Oak & White Oak flooring, from which the off fall is ground up and pelletized.  Our dust is the same, day in, day out, which has allowed us to fine tune our pelletizing procedure to make the best pellet possible.  We are currently making products in four different pellet categories:  Country Boy Grilling Pellets, Country Boy White Lightning Heating Pellets, Country Boy Horse Bedding, and Country Kitty Litter.  You can click on each product to learn why each one is made to fit different needs.  You can also visit us on facebook for more product information.  Thank you for visiting our site, we hope you will give us a try.


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    • Click on the images above to get details on each specific pellet product.
    • The information below is specifically for our Hickory grilling pellets.
    • Pellets are packaged in 40 lb. bags (18.14 kg).
    • 100% all Natural
    • We do not include bark in our grilling pellets.
    • Wood fiber never touches the ground.
    • Locally harvested lumber is not dipped or submerged in anti-sap stain solutions.
    • We air dry our lumber 60 to 180 days then send it to the kiln to be dried further.
    • Kilns reduce the moisture down to 5-7 % giving you a PREMIUM pellet.
    • Kiln dried lumber is manufactured into Hickory flooring.
    • The Hickory wood fiber generated from the milling process is pelletized.
    • Wood pellets are very consistent.
    • > 8000 Btu/lbs.
    • Moisture< 5%
    • Ash < .05%
    • Fines< .5%
    • We offer 3 types of Grill/Smoker Pellets: Hickory, Hickory/Oak Blend & Oak.
    • Our goal? simple, make Country Boy good enough to win International BBQ & Smoker competitions.